For Hard-Working People

  • Blogging


    Blogging is incredibly easy, if your goal is just to have fun. But if you want to make tons of money with it, you will need to do some work. Popular blogs often update daily (sometimes, multiple times every day), so you should be prepared to do a lot of writing.

  • Selling Free Things

    Selling Free Things

    People often want to get rid of old bulky items (like beds and couches) so badly that they give them away for free, even though the items may be worth hundreds of dollars. Transporting those bulky items can be a lot of work, but selling them can earn you a lot of money.

  • Freelance Writing

    Freelance Writing

    Freelance writers are usually on tight deadlines and are expected to submit perfect work. This may sound difficult, but a hard-worker with good time management skills and attention to detail should be able to easily handle this pressure (and earn a good amount of money).

  • Writing Ebooks

    Writing Ebooks

    Writing ebooks is not typically somethhing which makes you much money, but you can earn a lot if you are willing to write a large number of ebooks. But since writing even one book would be difficult for most people, it would take a really hard-working person to write multiple ones.

  • Being a Friend

    Being a Friend

    Most people who pay for friends are kind, but occasionally you may meet with someone unpleasant. Most people wouldn't be able to handle hanging out with a person like that, but hard-working people who are determined to have a good time no matter what obstacles may appear will do fine (both professionally and financially).

  • Taking and Selling Photos

    Taking and Selling Photos

    If you are hoping to sell them for money, your photos should all be great. It may be tempting to just rush and take as many mediocre photos as you can just so you would have more photos to sell, but hard-working people who are able to spend as much time as is needed to take only great photos will earn much more.

  • Your Own Woodworking Business

    Your Own (garage) Woodworking Business

    The plans in this guide can make it much easier for you to build stuff than if you were doing it from scratch, but it still takes a hard-working person to spend the time it takes to build tons of stuff (which is what you need to do to make tons of money).