For Unskilled People

  • Losing Weight

    Losing Weight

    You don't need to be hard-working or smart to lose weight! Just use one of the powerful weight loss methods mentioned in this guide and not only can you get rid of your stubborn fat, but you'll also be able to earn up to a few thousand dollars!

  • Completing Microtasks

    Completing Microtasks

    There are many sites which will pay you to complete easy and quick tasks. No intelligence or hard work required, just click on some stuff and earn money!

  • Online Surveys

    Online Surveys

    Online surveys pay you for answering questions about various things. But don't worry, these questions are usually very easy so you don't need to be smart to make some money.

  • Making Searches Online

    Making Searches Online

    This is an extremely simple way to earn! You probably already search for things on popular sites like Google, Bing, Youtube, Amazon, and eBay. Read this guide to find out how you can get paid for doing these searches!

  • Your Own Vending Machine Business

    Your Own Vending Machine Business

    Having your own business is usually something for smart or hard-working people, but vending machine businesses are different! Just place some machines around your city and that's it! You don't have to do anything else other than occasionally visit the machines to refill them and collect the money people put into them.