Little Effort Required

  • Losing Weight

    Losing Weight

    Losing weight is something which requires a lot of effort, unless you use one of the great weight loss methods in this guide! Not only will you get healthier and sexier, but you can also earn up to a few thousand dollars!

  • Buying and Selling Stocks

    Buying and Selling Stocks

    Achieving major success in the stock market usually requires a tremendous amount of effort, but this guide will show you how you can earn money with stocks fairly easily.

  • Forex

    Forex (buying and selling foreign currencies)

    Forex is pretty simple. Just predict which currency (for example the American dollar) will increase in value more than another currency (like the Canadian dollar). However, reliably earning a lot with forex can be difficult. Fortunately, this guide can help make things easier!

  • Being a Female Webcam Model

    Being a Female Webcam Model

    What can be easier than just lounging around at home reading comments people write about how sexy you are? Making a significant amount of money doing this is typically tough if you are not very attractive, but the content in this guide can help nearly any woman earn a lot!

  • Being a Male Webcam Model

    Being a Male Webcam Model

    Getting paid to do something you probably already love doing (sitting in front of a computer and masturbating) is the definition of easy money! Even if you have a smaller penis or you aren't the most attractive guy, this guide can help you make a lot of money!

  • Completing Microtasks

    Completing Microtasks

    Microtasks are very simple tasks (for example, you are given a random image and need to write what is shown in that image [dog, chair, apple, etc.]). Joining sites which pay you to complete microtasks is a really easy way to earn money!

  • Online Surveys

    Online Surveys

    Earning with online surveys requires such little effort that you can make as much as a few bucks an hour with it while watching TV!

  • Making Searches Online

    Making Searches Online

    Do you like getting free money? Because that's what happens when you get paid to do something easy which you already do every day (such as making sarches on popular sites like Google, Bing, Youtube, Amazon, and eBay).

  • Your Own Vending Machine Business

    Your Own Vending Machine Business

    You can earn a good amount of money by just setting up some vending machines around your city and leaving them there! You'll only ever have to return to refill the machines and collect the cash people put into them!