For Smart People

  • Buying and Selling Stocks

    Buying and Selling Stocks

    Making a lot of money with the stock market isn't easy, but smart people shouldn't have much trouble earning with it.

  • Forex

    Forex (buying and selling foreign currencies)

    Forex is generally thought of as a tough way of earning, but for smart people making money with it can actually be very simple.

  • Blogging


    Anyone can start a blog, but it takes brains to be able to earn a lot of money with one.

  • Freelance Writing

    Freelance Writing

    Writing high-quality articles quickly can earn you a lot of money, but it's something that requires a decent amount of intelligence.

  • Writing Ebooks

    Writing Ebooks

    You don't really need to be smart to write an ebook, but being clever can help you earn a lot more than the average author.